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Creativity is limitless !



Image by Leon Contreras

meet the designer

Welcome to The World of Frankendenimz! I'm Austin Thomas, an artist, student, creative director, and fashion designer based out of Prince Georges County Maryland. I always loved fashion and art at a young age, so as I got older it expanded into designing, music, art, and other forms of creativity. It's a passion that I know many others understand!


I consider myself an artist because I always believed creativity comes in many different forms, and I saw it more as a lifestyle rather than a state of just "being" creative. I started my brand Frankendenimz in 2020 right before COVID-19 hit, and I started out with a heavy focus on denim and the reconstruction of it, especially jeans. The more I submerged myself into my craft, the better I got at it because I still treat this as my beginning.


The idea is that creativity is all around us! And if you use your creative ability to your advantage you can create something amazing! Like... Dr. Frankenstein... but my story is a little different and I will continue to show you pages out my book before it is finished.

Creativity will always be Limitless.  

                                                                                                       - Auggie Three

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