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Custom Ordering Policy: Frankendenimz LLC focuses on cut-and-sew, handmade clothing and drip dedicated to many 1of1 styles. Large pieces (Ex. Vests/Jackets, Pants/Jeans, etc) Take 7-10 days for deisgning before shipment. Small pieces (Masks, Bags, Purses, etc) Take 3-5 days for designing before shipment. 

Refund Policy: Frankendenimz LLC does not offer refunds after payment is sent. If an item/clothing is damaged (not due to customer damage), you are encouraged to mail the item back to the original sending address for a full, free repair. You will be notified on the shipment prior to the repair and an email will be sent out. Contact for more support options.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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